Debbie's Story

Debbie is thrilled with how much money she is saving and has purchased a computer for herself.

What worked best for Debbie was focusing on her sheer determination to quit, a determination that was stronger than ever before. Debbie had tried to quit several times before, but this time she called for help. She made up her mind to quit and found the strength because she was concerned for the heath risks and expenses of smoking. And she found strength from the support of her coach. Debbie chose not to use a nicotine patch and quit cold turkey five months ago. She says "Cinnamon mints and candies really helped to curb cravings. I really believe there is something to be said for the benefits of cinnamon in quitting." Debbie is very happy with her success. While she does have cravings every now and then, she just "ignores" them. She is thrilled with how much money she is saving [by not having to purchase cigarettes]. Debbie has purchased a computer for herself with money she saved. Debbie happily notes "I would not have been able to afford a computer before I quit."